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In it to win it!

August 3, 2010

We are going to a bakery convention in Myrtle Beach later this month. It is for the Southeastern Retail Bakers Association  The theme of the convention is beach and they have a big contest running with several categories for entries.
I want to enter and have been brainstorming for ideas. I have lots of themed cakes for the beach theme, wedding cakes and occasion cakes. I think we can enter and win!

I have been looking at color palettes on The palettes are inspiring. Sometimes, for a fleeting moment, I wish I was a wedding planner so I could plan all kinds of weddings with these colors I am in love with! Then I remember how much I truly love decorating cakes and snap out of it.
I wish more brides would be open to letting us design a cake for them. Unfortunately, I don’t get to do it as often as I would like. Hey, I can hint, right? HINT, HINT. If you are reading, let me design your cake!

Now that I am all hopped up on inspiration for my own use, I hope I can channel it into the tons of cakes I have for this week!

These are a few of my favorites from Snippet and Ink:


Who doesn't love blackberries and lemonade?

vintage and modern

I could see this as a vintage circus color palette with some bunting across the front of the cake and some silhouettes at the top. I could also see this as a blue background with a bird nest and a vintage looking bird silhouette. How about a mint colored monogram plaque with some red sea whip or coral piped on the cake.


Beachy and worn.

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